Get paid any way, any time, and anywhere.

Boost Your Bottom Line

We want to help businesses keep more of and get more from their money. ‘Right-sizing’ your payments program by analyzing your payment types, transaction sizes, volume, and classification(s) is crucial to sustainability as your business grows. 

One-size-fits-all solutions may seem like a great deal for some, but most businesses outgrow off-the-shelf payment solutions before they realize. Our team’s multi-disciplinary background means we understand the impact payments has on every stage of the customer lifecycle – or lyfecycle – and we love to help businesses reinvest in their processes and people so they can do more for their customers and communities.

How Do You Want to Get Paid?

  • Credit / Debit Card Processing
  • E-Check / ACH payments
  • Cryptocurrency payments
  • Online / in-store payments
  • Mobile & app-based payments
  • Donations

No matter your industry or business needs, our customizable integrated payments platform will help your business realize revenue faster through payments automation, get more for your processing costs with low or no-cost software and hardware, and enjoy peace of mind with a robust suite of security and intelligent fraud detection tools.

What Makes Us Different?


We believe businesses deserve more visibility into their payments; understanding why and how the type of payment, average payment size, classification of card type, or even your industry changes the cost of accepting payments is difficult to understand, and the industry benefits when you’re in the dark. We will take the time to build a payment solution built for what YOU need, not what makes us the most money.


Control when, why, and where you take or send money, and never lose sight of how a payment was made or who was involved. Our platform centralizes and aggregates data based on your needs, with CRM-like tools, AI fraud detection, and open APIs for tight integration with your existing systems. Between our platform and the ecosystem of partner integrations we support, we can connect your business to your customers.


Time is money, & our automation tools & flexible platform design means you’ll save both; from automated billing & invoicing that minimizes the opportunity for human error to an array of software & hardware partners with pre-built integrations for our systems, we’re in the business of helping you do business better, faster, & at lower cost. We also love to solve problems; when others ask “why”, we prefer to ask “why not?”

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